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NORDANS is an online shop for sustainable living. It focuses on durable design, high-quality materials, and careful use of our resources. Its founder Elisa approached me earlier this year and told me about her concept of creating a place where she not only wants to sell a selected range of furniture, textiles, ceramics, print and home accessories but also builds a community for artists and makers and shows the people and the process behind the products.

I immediately knew that we share the same values and that I want to become a part of this! Together we created a series of three prints, all available in limited edition on her website:

Print "Abstract Circles"


Print "Abstract Allover"


Print "Type"


We wanted the collection to reflect both our personal values and the Nordans concept, which is why we quickly ended up with the themes sustainability, community and mindfulness. We have thought about what is important to us about our home and what we would like to surround ourselves with. Home is a place of well-being, where you can relax, be yourself and switch off. But it is also a place where you invite people who are important to you, where you have innspiring conversations, make plans and create memories. The entire collection is meant to represent that. It was also very important to us that the prints are gender-neutral so that they would also find their place in couples' apartments. The three prints are designed in such a way that they work individually, but also in any combination of two or three.

“You totally can” has become an internal mantra for me, used when insecurity kicks in. A phrase I repeated when the dreams felt too crazy, too big, too intimidating. As an introverted, sensitive and quiet individual, both fear and doubt have always surrounded my personal and professional life.

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