Getting back from a short but sweet trip to Barcelona I realized again how traveling fuels me with so much new energy and creativity. It’ s easy to lose that spark when you’re in your daily routine, doing the same stuff every day¬†while seeing the same places and people. Especially when you have to come up with new ideas on a daily basis. You need to experience new things to create new things.

Of course, there’s no huge cultural difference between Berlin and Barcelona, so going in Barcelona for three days can’t be compared to backpacking abroad but even a short trip like that has so many benefits already and is way easier to implement at short notice.


Seeing new things

Whenever I am in a new environment, I walk around with my eyes wide open. I visually perceive everything around me – architecture, street art, advertising, nature. Things I’m going to see for the first time in my life are waiting around every corner and I always try to soak up all of it. Pinterest is nice, but the real inspiration lies on the street, hangs on walls and has no algorithm. I wish I could walk around like that all the time, but it’s hard to transfer or evoke that feeling of excitement in an environment you already know by heart.


A shift in perspective

When you’re stuck with what you’re currently working on it’s always a good thing to step back and watch it from distance. Distance allows you to see the big picture again. On a daily basis a walk in the park can do wonders when you’re in a rut but sometimes it needs a bit more to find your way back. Especially when you’re working in the creative industry your brain is always in a work mode. Some ideas need ages to develop in your subconscious, some just hit you while you’re taking a shower. It’s not predictable but one thing is for sure: the harder you try to come up with them, the further they move away. I have my best ideas when I’m not at my desk. Usually, I have them whenever I don’t need to come up with ideas at all, when I’m relaxed, calm and happy.


Courage & Trust

Being somewhere you don’t know always needs you to be more patient, adjusting to local rules and regulations and also taking risks from time to time. You need to step outside your comfort zone whether it is because you need to communicate with people you don’t know or share the same language with or need to figure out stuff that’s different everywhere. You need to let go of always trying to control everything and that feeling might be frightening at first but at one point you’ll realize how relieving it is to just go with the flow.


Barcelona in particular is a very special place for me. It combines everything I love within a 2,5 hours flight. I’ve been there for the third time now and experienced it totally different every time I’ve been there. I liked it every time but this time has been different. It’s only been three days, but they were intense and filled with so many laughs, love, good conversations and amazing food and drinks. I felt like I’ve been in a happy place, that got me so calm and relaxed but excited and happy at the same time. The light and colors of that city are amazing! Changing your view and how you experience your surrounding does so much for you. So I want need to do that more often. I’m making traveling a priority this year because it’s the best thing to invest in.