Oh hi 2018, I’m glad you’re here!

The last year was like a rollercoaster ride and left me exhausted but happy. Actually, I started reflecting this year way earlier than December. I went into a slump more than once in 2017. It wasn’t exhausting because my workload was too high but because my expectations were and I lacked strategy, focus and most of all trust in myself. I put too much effort into worrying than executing what I actually had to do to overcome fear and uncertainty. So I want to leave 2017 behind by sharing my 3 most important learnings with you:

1  – Always trust your Intuition

It may sound romantic or pathetic but this year showed me once again how important it is to make decisions based on my intuition. I always was right in the past when I followed my intuition but this year I had to learn the hard way how wrong things can go if I ignore my (bad) feelings. I had to remind myself why I initially started freelancing and how I sweared to myself that I don’t want to find myself in a bad work environment again.

2 – Selfcare is crucial

Yes, it’s a no-brainer but I still struggle with taking care of me and need to remind myself every now and then to take a break. With working on your own comes a lot of responsibility – towards your business, your clients but most importantly yourself. You are your most precious asset, so take good care of your body and especially of your mind. Knowing your limits and evolving strategies to stay healthy should be one of your top priorities every day.

3 – It all starts with the right mindset

I hit rock bottom in late summer when I was falling way too deep down the rabbit hole of thinking “I’m not good enough / I’ll never make it / what am I doing anyway?”. But putting energy into thoughts like that will only make you feel worse. I then started reading “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod and decided to give it a try. If you’re new to TMM, here’s a short summary: Hal Elrod writes about how you can transform your life for the better by getting up earlier to dedicate the first hour of the day fully to your development. I tried it without expecting too much and felt a difference immediately. Now it’s part of my morning routine and it was never easier to get up in the morning. The biggest shift for me was focusing on my affirmations and visualizing my goals every morning before starting the day. I experienced once again how easily affected I am by my own thoughts. How I can transform my overall mood, creativity, and productivity when my mindset is right. When I started shifting my focus to what’s important to me, everything fell into place and I could end the year with a real highlight businesswise.


With an outcome like this, I’m beyond excited to make 2018 my best year ever! Bring it on, 2018!

What are your most important learnings of 2017?