Hi, I’m Anna.

I’m a German graphic designer and illustrator living in Berlin and my mission is to craft thoughtful design solutions for freelancers, small business owners and creatives.

While studying fashion and textile design I got to explore a variety of creative directions – illustration, graphic design, conception, pattern design, branding, all kinds of handcrafts, photography, art direction – perfect conditions for me (scanner personality alert here!).

Like my design education my work experience is quite broad. I always chose small studios over the big companies, what put me into pretty awesome places. It ranges from crafting showpieces that have been shown at New York Fashion Week to being the production assistant at a short movie shoot in Los Angeles.

Before I decided to freelance full time I worked for the private label of a german retailer, being responsible for their range of print design t-shirts.



brand strategy
logo design
brand guidelines
brand collateral


conception & strategy
customized web graphics
responsive webdesign


brand supporting illustrations
editorial illustration

What can I do for you?

Studying fashion design gave me a huge variety of tools to work with, trained my mind in conception and my eye for details. Building a collection from scatch was always my favourite part – you start with a white canvas, gather all kinds of inspiration, develop a story, find the right colors and design elements. It all starts evolving, one thing leads to another and suddenly all the pieces are coming together. Watching a collection grow is such a beautiful and magical process and translates perfectly to crafting a brand design and website.

You bring your own unique story, your personality and your brand’s mission and I take them further and turn them into refined brand visuals and design solutions to make sure you are attracting the right people.

My approach is intuitive and thoughtful. I’m combining an artistic approach with functionality and simplicity to make you and your project stand out and attract your ideal customers and clients.